About Me

Hi, I’m Nesha! How are you?

I just graduated this past April from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online with a Digital Design Diploma. Now I am pursuing my Associates Degree in Graphic Design at the same school. I live in Clifton, Texas with my husband, four cats and a dog.

I have three step children that live in Fairbanks. We just moved back to Texas from Anchorage, Alaska where I had been living for the past 11 years.

I am a Christian and hold my faith very dear. I’m easy to get along with for the most part and am loyal to those I care about. I’m into pretty much all kinds of art and am constantly trying to improve. If you want to know anything specific, feel free to ask.

Aside from my love of graphic design and pretty much all art in general, I have a passion for cooking and this blog is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have a lot planned for this page and I hope you guys will all like what I have in mind and don’t think I’m a little bit all over the place with this. Just bear with me…

Things to come:

Recipe Reviews– (Other People’s) I often try recipes and while I find they may be awesome, they may also be too sweet/salty/not spicy enough, etc… This is the section where I will make suggest small changes and of course link to the original. You guys can make up your mind which way suits your needs best. I will also take requests once in a while if you have a recipe you’d like me to try/fix.

General Recipes– (By Category) These recipes will come from my personal recipe collection, some of which I’ve made up while others will come from the billion cook books I have collected over the years.

Kidney/Diabetic Diet– This one is for my mother who has chronic kidney disease and there is a lot of things she can not have. After doing a lot of research on her behalf, I have found that there are not a lot of resources that offer recipes that she can use. My aunt is also diabetic so there will be some in here for her too.

Non-Food/Crafts-This section will be just as the title implies.

Hints, Tips, and Remedies-  This section will be just as the title implies.

Microwave/Nu Wave Oven– This section will be for microwave and Nu Wave Oven cooking.

PS.  Thank you Pam  from Omnomalicious for helping me come up with the name!  <333